You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

It pulls and pushes like a rising tide.

And it strikes when others try to instil hope or anger in you.

It’s purpose is to erode the stories that make your life feel okay.

The stories of entitlement that normalise sexism, racism, ableism and humanity’s claim to the natural world.

Stories that, unless challenged, threaten to make humanity homeless a few generations from now.

What you’re feeling is resistance.

The rejection of a story where it’s always five to midnight.

Where the frozen minutes of the day are floodlit by imagined salvation.

Where there’s always time to act and hold onto all we have.

The resistance is telling you what time it really is.

You know it’s five past midnight.

Here, it’s pitch black without the blinding lights of imagined salvation.

There are no fixes or visions to grab onto.

No doubling down on what cannot be.

No one can tell you what the dawn will bring.

But it is in the darkness that we clumsily find one another.

To continue letting go of the stories we’ve been told.

Calling time on Five To Midnight, we free ourselves to imagine a different tomorrow.

A tomorrow not rooted in the entitlement of a social group or more fundamentally a species.

Step into the dark,

but know you are not alone

Step into the dark,

but know that yesterday is finally behind us...

Step into the dark,

because in the dark we are free to dream

Step into the dark,

Because out of darkness comes light